Company Mission

Conspan has been a leader in the design, engineering and installation of support systems for the medical, industrial and manufacturing communities since 1974. Over the years we have provided support for all manner of x-ray equipment,lighting, piping, audio-visual, conveyance and process needs, in addition to many other specialized applications.

Conspan's expertise and reputation have been built on a solid foundation of service, professionalism and integrity. Major manufacturers of medical imaging equipment have chosen us in order to meet their exacting standards. Our systems support a wide rang of x-ray, equipment, surgical lighting, service and gas columns, microsurgery units, monitors, shields and floor-mounted apparatus. Our mental framing designs function with a infinite variety of structural and secondary support applications.

When it comes time to meeting new requirements in an existing hospital, Conspan knows the difference between a medical facility and a construction site. We work with the client to meet all hospice protocol, including complete infection control and containment At the same time we will accommodate any scheduling and accessibility window necessary.